We heard, we came, we’re conquering!

It's officially here; Lendle, Canada’s first interest free credit provider!

We are partnered with top-notch companies worldwide.

Our core values.

Our company is constantly evolving to meet the needs of Canadians. We are client focused and need driven.  

Customer first

Lendle is built around producing best in-class customer service. We strive to meet our clients needs.

Passion for service

We strive to ensure our products remain competitive and centered around your requirements.  


Once a client, always a client. No matter the occasion, Lendle will always be there.

We are an international banking institution.

Servicing our clients in North America and Europe.

Every great company has a great story. Here’s ours!

“Someone once told me, it's not about the destination but about the journey you take. I now understand, as I build this company and grow it from a staff of ten to a national conglomerate. Its how I get there, not when I get there.”

CEO, Usman Asif

June 2018
Sep 2018
Nov 2019
Jan 2020
Feb 2020
April 2020

The company founding members discuss the future of banking, the concept of Lendle was born.

Work begins on Lendle, financial models are set in place and ready to challenge the industry.

Lendle onboard it's Chief Marketing Officer. The firm's marketing department is formed.

Company completes it's internal banking infrastructure to open doors to the public.

COVID-19 hits and Canadians are in need of financial assistance. Lendle slashes it's lending rates by 50% to help out Canadians.

First set of loans are administered to help Canadians through a pandemic. Lendle begins it's journey!